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How-to: Safely Root HTC Desire
2015-11-17 04:50:46 Posted by Amy Lecter

“How to root my HTC Desire 816?”


About Rooting

What is rooting? I think this description is very informative: Rooting an Android phone refers to gaining root permissions on the phone, which in turn gives you access to parts of the phone that are otherwise held back from the general public, mostly so inexperienced users can avoid doing anything to break the software on their handsets. To put it simple, after rooting, you can enjoy many more customizable functions on your Android HTC Desire series phone. You can flash custom ROM on your phone to make your phone new and fresh; You can also uninstall those unwanted preinstalled apps by manufacturers; If your battery drains too quickly, you can install some battery protection apps, etc...


The following tutorial is on how to root your HTC Desire with iRoot. It will help you quickly and easily root your device. Before rooting, you need to understand this process will void your warranty on your device.


Guide on Rooting HTC Desire with iRoot

iRoot has 2 versions of rooting tools, which means you can both root your HTC Desire with and without computer. Here we will take the iRoot for PC version for example. So please make sure you have a workable Windows PC in hand.

Step 1. Enable your HTC Desire’s USB Debugging mode on Develop options.


Step 2. Install driver on your Windows PC to make sure your computer can recognize your phone.


Step 3. Make a full backup of your HTC Desire.


Step 4. Install iRoot PC version on your Windows computer.


Step 5. Connect your HTC Desire to your computer. iRoot will detect your device immediately.

Step 6. After detecting, iRoot will ask you if you want to root your device. Click “Root Now”.


Step 7. After rooting succeeds, your device will reboot soon.


That's all for the rooting process. Easy and safe to provide. But if you need to root a HTC desire without computer, please refer to iRoot APK and download. The guide of rooting is similar with the above. Notice that: iRoot can also be used for other HTC models rooting. If you need to root your phone, give it a try.

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