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Fastest Way to Root Android without Computer/PC
2015-10-27 23:54:51 Posted by Lexie Smith

How to root any Android without computer? This is a very often-asked question for Android users. Most of the Android users, like you, want to exploit all the possibilities of your own Android device. Thus, rooting is the most important part of this beginning. So, this article will cover all the useful information of rooting. And it will provides you with the easiest and fastest way to root your Android phone or tablet without computer.


Benefits of rooting Android

Custom Your Phone Freely - After rooting, you can flash a custom ROM and Kernel. And you can customize your Android freely.


Remove Preinstalled Apps - Some preinstalled apps protected by the manufacturers can’t be uninstalled. After rooting, it can be very easy to finish.


Install Latest OS - With rooted device, you can get the new OS months before the carrier releases the update.


Install Wonderful Apps - Some wonderful apps need the root access to install on your Android device.


Disadvantages of rooting Android

End up Voiding Phone’s Warranty - The developers disallow you to root your device. If you choose to root your Android, you say goodbye to the warranty.


Might Brick Your Phone - If you haven’t rooted your phone carefully, you take the risk of turning your phone into a brick. Thus, you need to unbrick your device if you want to use it still.


Unable to Update - Imagine you want to update o the latest OS for your Android. Updates fail to install due to software modifications that occurred while the distribution has been rooted.


Anyway, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of rooting can be helpful before rooting. Once you decide to root your Android phone or tablet, find the best way to root your Android without computer - with iRoot.


Steps to Root Android without Computer/PC

First, you need to download the best tool to root Android device without computer. iRoot can be called the root master for one click rooting your device. And it’s total free. Wanner know how to root Android without computer free? Get the full tutorial below:

Step 1. Downloadthe apk file of iRoot on your Android phone or tablet.


Step 2. Open the iRoot after installation on your device. Here it will detect your phone model automatically

Step 3. After detecting, click "Root Now" on the interface. Then your device will be rooted.

Step 4. Now, your Android has been rooted successfully.


By this step, you can root your Android without computer. Just like I introduced before, it’s really very easy and fast. Have any problem, please leave your comment here.

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