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Top 3 Ways to Root Any Android Tablet Easily
2016-03-15 16:14:11 Posted by Daphne Lau

“How to root any Android tablet on Android 4.1.1 or other OS?”


Why Need to Root Android Tablet?

One of the advantages for rooting Android tablet is to customise your device to your personal taste since the built-in function by the manufacturers can be limiting. Once you get your tablet rooted, you can break the barrier and gain the access to every corner of your device. Isn’t it very attractive? However, Android operating system is brought by the manufacturers. If you need to void the original OS, there might be some risks which could harm your device, like bricking your Android tablet. Thus, you’d find some effective and trustful Android tablet rooting tool for help.


How to Root Any Android Tablet with/without Computer?

As Android OS is a very mature platform, whether you need to root your device can always cause some arguments. If you choose to root, please make sure you have known the advantages and disadvantages of rooting. Some reliable rooting tools like iRoot, Kingo Android Root, and other alternatives are available. Here we will focus on introducing these top ways to root any Android tablet with or without computer.



iRoot can easily root any of your Android tablet with only one click. This is not exaggeration. With just one requirement - get all preparations sorted, you can get a rooted device without any efforts. Furthermore, iRoot includes two versions: iRoot for PC and apk file, which ensures you to root your Samsung or any other Android tablets with and without computer.

By using iRoot for PC:

First, install the driver of your tablet on your workable computer. This is to make sure the device can be detected by the PC.

Then, better to charge the tablet to the full battery life. And enable the USB Debugging mode for Android tablet.

Here, download the iRoot for PC version on your Windows PC and begin the guide.

Important: Anything unpleasant happens during the process, you should try the best to avoid. More, rooting is not risk-free nor trouble-free.


By using iRoot for APK file:

To root with the apk file is comparatively easier than with computer. You have no need to install the driver to download the file on your PC. Just download the file on your tablet. Install and run the iRoot app. Make sure your tablet has enough battery left. Open the interface and tap on “Root now” to begin the tour.


2.One Click Root

One Click Root allows you to get root access to your Android tablet on any OS. Just like its name, you can solve the rooting problem in seconds. If you are intended to root any of your Android tablet without computer, just skip this one.

Step 1: Download the latest version of One Click Root on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Connect your device to the computer. And open the rooting tool on your PC. Note: Use a USB cable to connect your device with PC. And put your tablet in “USB Debugging Mode”.

Step 3: Straightly click “ROOT NOW” on the interface and start the process.


3. Kingo Android Root

Kingo Android Root is very similar as the first iRoot. It enables you to root your Android tablet with and without computer. Simply get the proper version of Kingo Android Root for operating.

Also, the instructions are so alike. However, important things should be emphasized by at least 3 times:

A. Android device should be charge enough, or you will brick it during the process.

B. Install the driver on your PC if you root with it.

C. Back up the file and data in your tablet before rooting. You may lose them once something shit happens.


All in all, choosing a proper way to root any of your Android tablet is the most important. There 3 are famous for its safe and fast function. Please feel free to try. iRoot is still the highly recommended option for you.

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