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How to Root Lenovo Phone by Easy Steps
2015-12-01 03:43:03 Posted by Amy Lecter

How to root Lenovo A1900? Need to root your Lenovo A369i running on Android 4.4.2? Similar requests like these are so many. In this article we will introduce the easy steps on how to root any of your Lenovo phones on Android operating system. After rooting Lenovo phone, you can freely flash the custom ROM and kernel, uninstall the annoying preinstalled apps, remove the “strong” junk files, even enjoy the new Android operating system in advance. Also, you have to accept that rooting will void the warranty of your device by manufacturer.


In one word, you need to have a good understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of rooting. Then, choose a secure and effective Android rooting tool. You can refer to our former introduction on top Android rooting apps here. Here we will recommend iRoot for you to do rooting process. It can easily and safely root any of your Lenovo phone running Android 2.2 to 4.4. Most important thing is that you can also root Lenovo without computer since it contains 2 versions.


Root Lenovo phone with iRoot

If you need to root directly on your device and without computer, please choose the Android version of iRoot. Or, you can choose the PC version to root on your workable Windows computer. The following part is focused on illustrating how to use iRoot to root your Lenovo phone with computer. Now, download iRoot.

Step 1. First prepare a workable computer based on Windows OS.


Step 2. Charge your Lenovo phone to at least 80%.


Step 3. Install a driver on your PC to recognize your device.


Step 4. Open iRoot on your Windows PC.


Step 5. Connect your phone to iRoot. And your device will be detected automatically.


Step 6. After detecting, click “Root Now” to start rooting.


Step 7. Your phone will reboot after rooting. And voila. You have succeeded in rooting your Lenovo phone.


Attached Part: Root Lenovo without computer

Like mentioned before, you can also use iRoot for Android to root your Lenovo without computer. Just refer to the full instruction on how to use iRoot to root your Android device without computer here.


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