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How to Easily & Safely Root Motorola Xoom Tablet with/without PC
2016-05-20 11:35:04 Posted by Daphne Lau

“How to root Motorola Xoom tablet on Android 4.1.2?”


Get a Motorola Xoom tablet and want to enjoy it at its largest range? Rooting may be the first thing you should dive to. After rooting, you can freely flash a custom ROM and kernel, install those fancy apps on your tablet, improve the battery life, enjoy the latest Android OS, and so on.


Another issue, you have to unlock the bootloader, otherwise you won’t be able to flash anything including the rooting process. Unlocking the bootloader basically gives you the access to install custom ROM and kernel that you can’t install on your Motorola Xoom.

How to Unlock Motorola Xoom Tablet?

Before you root your Motorola Xoom 4.1.2 or other version, let’s check the instruction on how to unlock its bootloader at first.

Here are some of prerequisites before the process:

1. Get a USB cable to connect your Motorola Xoom to the computer;

2. Install the driver of Motorola to recognize your device;

3. Download and install Fastboot tool;

Then, proceed to unlock the bootloader in Motorola Xoom;

Step 1: Turn off your Motorola Xoom tablet;

Step 2: Boot it into fastboot mode by pressing “Volume-Down” and Power button;

Step 3: Connect your Xoom to the computer via a USB;

Step 4: Open the command prompt or terminal window on your computer;

Step 5: Enter the command line: fastboot oem unlock

Step 6: Use the volume keys and the power key to select on the on-screen instruction.

Step 7: Done!


How to Root Motorola Xoom Tablet with iRoot?

Now let’s move to the rooting procedure. Rooting is not as complicated as you thought. By applying an easy-to-use tool, you can root your Motorola Xoom with one click. At least one thing is for sure: iRoot is the best tool for you to fix this issue. It enables to root Motorola Xoom with and without PC. Just choose the corresponding version from the 2 options: iRoot for PC and iRoot for Android.


Part I: Root Motorola Xoom with Computer/PC

Step 1: Download iRoot for PC from its website.

Step 2: Install Motorola driver on your Windows computer. So your PC can recognize the device.

Step 3: Make sure your tablet battery coverage is at 85% and up. Make a backup of it.

Step 4: Enable the USB debugging mode from Developer options. Connect to your PC via a USB cable.

Step 5: Open iRoot for PC version. And it will guide you to connect your device to iRoot. Click “Connect” button.

Step 6: iRoot will detect your device soon. Click the “Root” button on the interface.

Step 7: It will take about 10 seconds to root successfully. And then your device will reboot automatically.


Part II: Root Motorola Xoom without Computer/PC

Step 1: Download the Android version of iRoot. Drag it to your tablet. Or download it from the mobile site.

Step 2: Check Unknown sources and allow to install iRoot on your tablet.

Step 3: Directly open iRoot on your device and tab on “Get Root access”.

Step 4: iRoot will recognize your Motorola Xoom and do the rooting process.

Step 5: Motorola Xoom will restart automatically after the successful root.


Choose whichever version of iRoot you want to root your Motorola Xoom tablet. You may come across some unpleasant situations during the process. Remember to contact with us.

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