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How to Root Oppo Joy/Neo 5/R7s/A11W Plus Full Guide
2016-04-01 18:04:46 Posted by Fish Lee


You may have known that rooting your Oppo will give you full power on deleting unwanted apps and improveing the Androids’ speed , battery life. So you get the right point as in this article we would like to introduce the best option on rooting your Oppo. No matter if your phone is the hot Oppo Joy, or Oppo Neo5, Oppo R7 plus, Oppo A11w. Just check the instructions below.


Since there are so many methods and you can’t try them all, a proper and simple tool should be chosen first. Concentrated on rooting all kinds of Android and completing safely even by newbies who are on their first root experience, iRoot got a wide range of users once upon going in market. Now let me answer some questions about rooting.


Q1: Are There Any Risks Of Rooting And What Benefits Can I Get?

Rooting gives you complete control over the system and some root methods are dangerous if you are not careful. Since there are so many advantages and disadvantages of rooting, Choosing a safe tool will help you from bricking your Android.


Q2: Will Rooting Void My Warranty ?

A2: Yes! Rooting may void your warranty which means your Oppo can’t be guaranteed under warranty. But if You want to get the warranty back then you use the unroot function of iRoot.


Q3: Are There Any Possibilities Of Bricking My Oppo By iRoot?

A3: No. iRoot is a sucure tool and will do no harm to your device but you’d better make a full backup of your contacts, SMSes and call logs.


Q4: What Preparations Should I Do When Rooting?

A4: As said before, although it will not brick your phone, it is better to back up your data and make your Oppo with at least 50% battery life. Then go as below:


Q5: Is iRoot Free And How Can I Download It?

A5: Yes. It is totally free. There are now 2 versions available: iRoot for Android and iRoot for PC.


Q6: Can You Tell Me How To Root My Oppo?

A6: As said before, there are 2 ways to root in iRoot and here taking the way of how to root Oppo Joy/Neo 5/R7 Plus /A11w without PC as an example.

Step 1: Download and Install iRoot APK file.


Step 2: Click "Get Root Access" on the interface

Step 3: Click"Accessing Now" when you have done the step 2.


Step 4: Wait and your Android will be rooted soon.


Step 5: Now you have rooted your Oppo successfully. You can see the “Get awards” after you open it again.


Note: If you have interest in rooting your Oppo Joy/Neo 5/R7 Plus /A11W with computer , Just download the iRoot PC file and root it with this guide.


Now you have rooted your Oppo with iRoot, You can find more information about rooting instruction on Oppo Find 7/7A in our resource part if you have interest.

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