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How to Root Polaroid Tablet S10/S8/MID0738
2016-05-26 17:59:25 Posted by Daphne Lau

How to root Polaroid Tablet S10 with simple steps?


Why need to root Polaroid tablet MID0738 or other versions? Rooting is the process of gaining access to the every corner of your device. After rooting your Polaroid tablet, you are allowed to:

  • Flash a custom ROM and kernel;
  • Improve performance and battery life;
  • Add new apps that would not be possible if not rooted;
  • Remove bloatware that the manufacturer installed;
  • Change the UI skin which is installed formerly;
  • Upgrade to the latest Android OS version;


If you are interested with how it works on your Polaroid tablet, you can keep on reading and getting the easy way to root your Polaroid tablet with and without PC by using iRoot. But before that, you should notice that rooting may void the warranty of the manufacturer and carrier. You’d better get the idea of the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Polaroid tablet.

iRoot can truly help you root any of your Polaroid tablet with one click. With high root success rate and secure settings, you can solve your problem without hurting your Android device. Plus, 2 versions of iRoot ensure you the higher rate to get a successful root under 2 different situations. Just get to know the 2 options to root Polaroid tablet.

How to Root Polaroid Tablet with PC

Get the iRoot for PC version for help. Ahead of rooting, check the following tips in order to make sure the highest success rate.

A. Check the battery life coverage and make sure it’s up to 85%;

B. Install the Polaroid driver on your Windows PC;

C. Back up the file and data in your Android device;

D. Prepare a USB cable to connect your device to the PC;


And now move to the rooting procedure with iRoot PC version:

Step 1: First, download the zip file of iRoot on your Windows computer.


Step 2: Install and open iRoot program.


Step 3: Enable the USB Debugging mode in Developer Options so that iRoot can detect your device.


Step 4: Connect your Polaroid tablet to the PC via the USB cable.


Step 5: Click “Connect” on the iRoot interface. Here iRoot will recognize your Polaroid model and instruct you to root it.

Step 6: Click “Root” on the main window. And wait for several seconds.


Step 7: After successful root, your device will restart.


How to Root Polaroid Tablet without PC

If you need to root directly on your device, get iRoot apk file for trying. You can simply root Polaroid Tablet S10/S8 and other version without computer.

Step 1: Download iRoot for Android version on your tablet.


Step 2: Remember to check the Unknown sources and allow to install iRoot.


Step 3: Open iRoot and tab on the “Get Root access” button.

Step 4: All you need to do is wait for its success.


Step 5: Your Polaroid tablet will reboot automatically after rooting successfully.


Both options enable you to one click root your Polaroid tablet with safety. Also, you can try other Android rooting tools to root your device. But iRoot is still the No.1 hit for you.

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