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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in One Click with iRoot
2016-03-17 15:47:46 Posted by Fish Lee

“How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900 on Android 5.0? ”

“Can you introduce me a one click root Galaxy Note 3?”

Many people may be confused with these questions recently. As the biggest players in the smartphone market all over the world, Samsung has provided us with different devices which has a good performance, good security and charming supported service. Among them, the model of Galaxy note 3 N900 has attracted numerous fans to participate in and at the same time, how to root galaxy note 3 has been a concerned issue.

To experience the fantastic magic of rooting, many root tools sprung up and iRoot has been one of the best. With wide range of supported devices, iRoot is designed for supporting root device specially. It has 2 versions: iRoot for PC and iRoot for Android recently.


Why Choose iRoot to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Why we should choose iRoot instead of other root tools? Many people will ask, some people said it free, some said it ads-prohibited. According to the developers’ saying, besides the function of customizing your ROMS, improving the battery life, reducing the phone’s load that like other tools, iRoot has a higher root success rate on different types of device. Besides, many people tend to choose iRoot for saving time. With just one click, you can safely root your device. From the feedback, there are more and more people choosing iRoot and both of them gave a high evaluation on iRoot. Sum up, you can feel free to apply iRoot tool to root your Galaxy Note 3 in Android 5.0, or even on other Android operating systems.


How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in One Click with iRoot?

As we said before, how to root galaxy note 3 Verizon/Sprint with iRoot has been asked often by various of forum users. Here we want to share one tutorial and it’s not just for those who have rooted galaxy note 3 before, this guide can also be a good alternative for people who are new to rooting and are frightened to damage their device.

Once you have decided to root your phone, there are 2 ways for you to choose.


Way 1: Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 without Computer

If you don’t like to root on your Windows/Mac computer via a USB cable, iRoot apk file is the best option for you to root without computer. Just refer to the guide as below:

Step 1: Download and Install iRoot apk file.

Step 2: Make sure you have backed up your data before. Open iRoot and click the “Get Root access”on the interface.

Step 3: Now your device is on the rooting process now. Just wait for its success.

Step 4: Congratulations! You have rooted successfully.


Way 2: Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Computer

Compared with rooting by iRoot apk file, rooting Galaxy Note 3 with PC usually has a better result. Here get the iRoot PC version for help. And do as followings:

Step 1: Download and install iRoot for PC on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Install the Samsung USB driver on your Windows PC .

Step 3: Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the PC via a USB cable.

Step 4: Open iRoot. Click “Connect” on the interface. iRoot will detect the device automatically.

Step 5: Click “Root” to start the rooting process.

Step 6: After the successful rooting, your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will reboot automatically.


Apart from rooting your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you can easily root any other Samsung device in one click with iRoot. Go check and feel free to contact us if you have any problem.




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