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Best Way to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 with/without PC
2015-11-10 23:00:16 Posted by Amy Lecter

“How to root Samsung Galaxy S5 without pc?”


As we know, rooting Android phone can give you endless advantages to get most out of your device. After rooting, you can install some wonderful apps, flash a custom ROM, make full backup of your Android, and other. In this article, we will introduce how to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 step in step. Before rooting, please notice these important things as below:


Important Notes Before Rooting

1. Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 will void its manufacturer warranty, so make sure you have noticed that before you root your phone.


2. You’ll need a Windows based PC if you choose to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 with computer.


3. Before rooting, make sure you’ve installed USB drivers on your PC.


4. Enable USB Debugging Mode on Developer Options.


5. Make sure you have charged the battery life at least 80%.


6. Back up your Samsung Galaxy S5’s data and file before rooting.


Root Samsung Galaxy S5 with iRoot

iRoot can get almost any model of Android Samsung Galaxy S5 rooted with one click. There are 2 versions for you to use: iRoot for PC version & iRoot APK version. The APK version allows you to root Samsung Galaxy S5 without computer. And if you choose the PC version for use, make sure you have a Windows PC behind you. Here we will introduce the step by step guides of rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 without computer and with computer separately.


Situation 1: How to Root Smasung Galaxy S5 without PC

By choosing this type of rooting method, you need to charge your phone into a perfect battery condition. Then, do as the followings:

Step 1: Download iRoot for Android apk from the website. Drag it into your phone.


Step 2: Open iRoot and it will detect your model automatically.


Step 3: On the interface, iRoot will remind you of “No Root permission”. Just tap on “Get Root access”. Start the rooting procedure.

Step 4: Several seconds later, you will get a rooted Samsung Galaxy S5 in hand.


If you are not satisfied with rooting Galaxy S5 without computer, keep learning the guide on how to root Samsung Galaxy S5 on PC.


Situation 2: How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 with PC

Step 1. Download iRoot from its official website.


Step 2. Connect your Samsung device to your Windows PC. iRoot will detect your phone automatically.

Step 3. After detecting, click “Root ” to root your Samsung Galaxy S5.


Step 4. Several seconds later, your phone will be rooted successfully.


Note this, iRoot claims high rate of success for rooting your phone. But it’s not all that successful. If you have any problem on rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5, please contact us for instruction. iRoot can also work well for other model of Android device.

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