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How to Root Xiaomi Mi 3 in Simple Steps
2016-04-12 17:37:12 Posted by Amy Smith

"How to root my Xiaomi Mi 3? Also, I need to know the disadvantages of rooting."

"How to root Xiaomi Mi 3 MIUI 7?"


Rooting your Android device gives you so much of usability. What are they?

1. It gives you a lot more than just the official update.

2. Your entire device can be customized.

3. You can customize your device as per your requirement.

4. You can get the latest Android at any time.


Besides, rooting your Xiaomi Mi 3 can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Most users will worry about this problem. Actually, you can easily unroot Xiaomi Mi 3 in one click to get back the warranty. Later I will introduce this part of how to unroot Xiaomi Mi 3. Done! 


So, how to root your Xiaomi Mi 3 at this time? Indeed, it’s not so that difficult as you think. At least, it’s easier than rooting HTC models or Nexus series since Xiaomi Mi 3 doesn’t need bootloader unlocker. The only issue you should fix is to find out the most effective tool for Android rooting. Here you can get the one click rooting tool - iRoot. It’s able to solve your problems of how to root and unroot Xiaomi Mi 3 both.


The following guide is suitable for rooting Xiaomi Mi 3 Indian and global version. 


How to Root Xiaomi Mi 3 with & without Computer

With its safe and quick ability, iRoot is welcomed by most Android lovers. Just one click, you can root any of Android devices running Android 2.2 and up, with no harm to your devices. Here iRoot includes two versions of rooting tools: iRoot for Windows PC and iRoot for Android. Considering the quick process without USB connecting and other aspects, you might be choosing to root your Xiaomi Mi 3 without computer with iRoot for Android version, by preference.


First, read the superb rooting guide with iRoot for Android.

Note: Either version you choose to root your Xiaomi Mi 3, please remember to backup your Android data and files before. Rooting will not cause data loss. It’s only for avoiding other situations from happening. Plus, don’t perform the rooting procedure under 85% battery life.

Step 1: Download iRoot apk file from its website and drag it to your Xiaomi Mi 3.


Step 2: After detecting your device, tap on “Get Root access” under “No root permission”.

Step 3: iRoot will show you the interface of “Accessing now”. Just wait for several seconds.


Step 4: After you root successfully, master your phone as you like.


Basically, the PC version claims the higher rating success rate. If you need to get the detailed instruction of how to root your Xiaomi Mi 3 with computer, refer to the Android root guide here.


Added Tip: How to Unroot Xiaomi Mi 3 with iRoot

Still want to enjoy the warranty from Xiaomi company after rooting? Just unroot your phone with one click by using iRoot. One more condition: please perform the unrooting process on the computer. That is to say, download the iRoot for PC version.

Step 1: Download iRoot for PC on your Windows computer.


Step 2: Connect your Xiaomi Mi 3 to the PC via a USB cable. Install the Xiaomi driver to ensure the connection.


Step 3: After iRoot recognizes your phone, click “Unroot” option on the interface.


The successful unrooting result awaits for you after these a few seconds. No damage will cause on your Xiaomi Mi 3.

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