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2 Ways to Root ZTE Device with iRoot
2015-12-08 02:50:45 Posted by Amy Lecter

“How to root my ZTE Zmax and flash a custom ROM?”

“How to get ZTE Overture 2 root with ease?”


Rooting can bring the “superuser” right for you to access your ZTE Android phone. After rooting, you can easily flash a custom ROM and kernel on your ZTE device. Moreover, you can take the utmost advantages on your phone. You can improve your device’s performance by uninstalling those preinstalled apps and protecting the battery from draining too fast. Then, how to root ZTE Android phone? Luckily, the ZTE rooting process is pretty simple. Just choose the effective and secure Android rooting tool first.


The following part will guide you to root your ZTE Axon/Zmax/V768/Overture 2 and other models by iRoot with and without computer. iRoot is one of the greatest free Android rooting tools, which can be trusty for rooting any of your Android devices. Moreover, it can root your device without losing data.


Root ZTE with computer

Choose the PC version of iRoot to be downloaded. Install it on your Windows computer. Then follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Make sure your computer is workable. Charge your Android ZTE to be at least 80%.

Note: If you still worry about the data lose problem, try to back up the data from your device.


Step 2. Install the driver on your computer to ensure your ZTE device can be recognized.


Step 3. Enable USB Debugging mode on Developer option.


Step 4. After downloading iRoot for PC. Open it. And connect your phone to the computer.


Step 5. Once iRoot detects the device. Click “Root Now” to start the rooting process.


Step 6. After rooting, your device will reboot automatically. And done!


Root ZTE without computer

You might need to root your ZTE without computer. Also, iRoot has the Android version for rooting. You can freely download iRoot and refer to the following guide:

Step 1: Make sure your ZTE device is charge to be 80%.


Step 2. Download iRoot for Android on your ZTE.


Step 3. Open it and click “Root Now”.

Step 4. The rooting process will be done in seconds.


Step 5. Done! Your device is rooted now.


That’s it. Plus, iRoot can root nearly almost all the models of ZTE. Here is a list of ZTE models. Check them and find your target.

ZTE V768

ZTE V793

ZTE Zmax

ZTE Overture

ZTE V790

ZTE N9510

ZTE Blade

ZTE Zmax 2

ZTE V795

ZTE N9100

ZTE Axon


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