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2 Simple Ways to One Click Root Android Phone or Tablet on 4.4.4 and Other Versions
2016-05-10 17:58:48 Posted by Daphne Lau

Is there any easy way to one click root Android phone running 4.4.4?

How to one click root Android without computer?


Looking for a great way to one click root your Android 4.4 to 5.0? Confused by the rooting infos which are provided by the search engine? Never go to a depressing emotion too early. There is always a way for you to going through the current situation. We never doubt the benefits of rooting - you gonna get into every entrance of your Android device and then exploit it into its largest range. Even it’s well known that rooting will void the manufacturer and carrier’s warranty, a lot of people dive into the rooting procedure, still. Actually, if you need to get back the warranty back, you can unroot your Android phone or device with one click.


Here we will focus on introducing 2 simple ways to one click root your Android tablet or phone. iRoot and Framaroot tool will be the perfect solutions.

One: Use iRoot to One Click Root Your Android with/without Computer

The one-click-root tool of iRoot has been recommended by so many Android elites. It has two versions for rooting Android with and without computer. If you prefer to one click root Android with no computer, choose iRoot for Android version. Otherwise, get iRoot for Windows PC version to root your device on your computer via a USB cable.

Here we take the PC version for example:

Step 1: Download iRoot for PC on your workable Windows computer.

Step 2: Before rooting, please check the battery coverage of your Android device; Also make a backup of it.


Step 3: Install a driver on your PC to make your device recognized. Also, enable the USB Debugging mode on your device.


Step 4: Connect your Android phone or tablet to your Windows computer via a USB cable. Here open iRoot. It will detect your device on the main window after you click “Connect”.


Step 5: You can click on “Root” on the iRoot interface. And your device will be rooted with this one click. During this rooting process, don’t disconnect your Android device.


Step 6: In a few seconds, your Android device can be rooted. And it will reboot immediately.


Note: If you need to one click root your Android 4.2.2/4.4.4 or other versions without computer, turn to iRoot for Android guide for help. Or, keep reading the following guide.


Two: Use Framaroot to Root Any Android with No Computer in One Click

Framaroot is designed for one click rooting Android phone or tablet without computer. Here please remember to enable the Unknown sources to allow the installation of Framaroot when Android warns you about the security risk. And then go on for the rooting procedure.

Step 1: Download the current version of Framaroot from its website or XDA forum.


Step 2: Open Framaroot on your Android device. Here select one of the options on the main window: Install Superuser, Install SuperSU, and Unroot.


Step 3: Follow the instructions as shown on your device. And begin rooting.


Above all, you can choose either way for one click root your Android tablet or phone. None of them will cause damage to your device.

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