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One Click to Root QMobile Noir & Other Qmobile Device Successfully
2016-04-06 12:03:25 Posted by Fish Lee

With the largest audience in Pakistan, QMobile has provided a wide range of Android smartphone and tablets from QMobile NoirA2, A8, A10 to QMobile i5, i6i and so on. If you are one of the QMobile users who are confused about how to root QMobile in yourself, then you get the right point. This article will give you the most interesting item which is rooting. As the convenient ways which help users access the administrators’ right, some easy and quick root tools are spreading widely. Among them, iRoot has occupied the forefront with its higher success rate and secure, simple methods which won’t brick your Android half a way. Now read the below instructions to root your QMobile Noir and other types step by step.


How to Root QMobile with iRoot?

Although the root process of QMobile Noir and other types using iRoot tool is safe and secure, its better to make a backup of your device first. Then, you’d better make sure which way you would like as there are two versions of iRoot for you to choose: iRoot for PC and iRoot for Android. Here we take iRoot for PC as an example. Check the instruction as following:


Step 1:Enable USB Debugging mode on your device. From the Home screen, select Apps -> Settings -> select "General" at the top of the screen -> hit “About device” -> tap on the “Build number” for 7 times -> Open “Developer options” -> check "usb debugging" from Debugging.


Step 2: Unlock the bootloader of Qmobile and download iRoot PC file.


Step 3: Connect your QMobile to your PC through by USB cable and choose the user agreement.


Step 4: Click “Connect” when iRoot is ready.


Step 5: After then, click “root” if your phone connected iRoot.


Step 6: Wait a few seconds and your phone will be rooted successfully.


Note: The methods of how to root QMobile Noir and other types without PC will not need your computer and USB charger but usually rooting with computer will has a more ideal result. You can choose them as you like. If you want to root QMobile without computer, get iRoot apk file for help


List of QMobile Android Devices for iRoot

With the most experience before, there are a list of QMobile Android are compatible and supported by iRoot.


QMobile Noir A1

QMobile Bolt A2 Lite

QMobile Bolt A4

QMobile A2 C

QMobile Noir A8

QMobile Noir A10

QMobile Noir A12

QMobile Noir A2

QMobile Noir A112

QMobile Noir A15 3D

QMobile Noir A20

QMobile Noir A30

QMobile Noir A6

QMobile Noir A60

QMobile Noir A63

QMobile Noir A650

QMobile Noir Quatro Z3

QMobile Noir Quatro Z4

QMobile Noir Quatro Z5

QMobile Noir Quatro Z8

QMobile Noir V4

QMobile Noir V5

QMobile Noir A200

QMobile QTab Q300 Tablet

QMobile QTab Q800 Tablet

QMobile QTab Q100 Tablet

QMobile X50Tablet


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