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Top 7 Root Apps for Your Android Phone and Tablet
2015-10-09 03:27:50 Posted by Lexie Smith

After understanding the benefits of rooting on Android devices, more and more users need to root their phones or tablets immediately. Now here comes the problem: what are those best Android root apps?


Note: If you still not know well of rooting, refer to the benefits of rooting listed below first.

  • 1. Flash a custom ROM
  • 2. Flash a custom kernel
  • 3. Tweak the dark corners of Android
  • 4. Remove preinstalled crapware
  • 5. Make complete backup of your phone
  • 6. Block apps in any app
  • 7. Boost your phone's speed and battery life
  • 8. Unlock hidden features and install incompatible apps


Now we are moving to introducing the best 7 one click root apps for Android.


Top 1. iRoot

iRoot (formerly called Vroot) can satisfy both requirement of rooting Android without PC and rooting on PC. And it’s totally free to use. As it claims, iRoot is powerful enough to root your Android devices with its high success rate, no more risk for turning your phone into a brick.


Moreover, It could deep support for older operating system and can root almost all Android devices running on the 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and newer OS. Click here to get the guide on how to root your device with iRoot.

Note: iRoot contains the best tool to manage the root permission for the app that is needed.


Top 2. Kingo Android Root

Kingo Android Root is great for rooting your phones/tablets. With one click, you get your devices rooted without any data loss. It supports Android 2.3 up to Android 4.2.2 and works well with HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, LG, Acer, and so on.


It is also free for Android to root. But if you want to donate for it, there is an access for you on the software.


Top 3. One Click Root

One Click Root can be considered marvelous to root your Android with one click. Also, the powerful developments in it ensure you the great success rate for root your Android phone/tablets. Download, installing, using are so easy for anybody which have no technical knowledge. It’s based on Windows system platform.


However, it’s only free for scanning your device. If you have further requirement, you have to pay $29.95. So it depends on you which one you are gonna choose.


Top 4. SuperOneClick

SuperOneClick can be free downloaded for everyone. It’s a free Android rooting software for Windows and Linux operation system which is developed by XDA Developers.


SuperOneClick can easily root these popular brands of Android devices which are running different Android system. Before using it, remember to back up your Android devices carefully. You can also unload the SD card first before rooting your device.


Top 5. Root Master

Root Master can also be available for rooting Android devices without computer and with computer. It supports for almost all of the popular Android devices. Also, you can root and unroot your devices with one click. All of the blocked features in Android can be reachable for you.


Top 6. SRSRoot

SRSRoot is easy for rooting your Android phones and tablets on your Windows computer. Note that it’s not available for rooting without computer. Even that, SRSRoot is still wonderful for you to root your device. It is compatible with Android version from Android 1.5 to Android 4.2.


Also, it’s free provided for you to root and unroot your Android device with one click.


Top 7. Root Genius

Root Genius is one of the genius in free rooting software family. It supports more than 10000 Android devices which run Android from 2.2 to 4.4. You can flash custom ROMs, manage auto-run apps, and uninstall built-in apps to release memory space after rooting.


That’s all of it. According to your own requirement, choose the best free download rooting app for Android. Or you can feel free to test each one of them. Again, before rooting your Android devices, try to make full preparation:

A. Make sure your phone/tablet is powered on.

B. Back up the data in your device in case that rooting will steal it.

C. Enable USB debugging.

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