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Top 4 Methods to Find Lost/Stolen Android Phone Easily
2016-03-28 17:27:11 Posted by Daphne Lau


Here I will introduce top 4 ways to illustrate how to find lost Android with GPS. The first 2 methods rely on the special service for Google. You can easily track your lost Android cell phone from computer with Gmail. The third one is using app to find lost Android phone. However, you have to install the app on your device before it’s missing. Included, a way has been developed by Samsung company to find lost Samsung phone or tablet. If you have a Samsung account and register before, go directly to Method 4.


Important: You should always try every possible way to secure your Android device.


Top 1: Android Device Manager

It’s very similar like iPhone’s “Find My Phone” service. Once you lost your Android device, you can immediately turn to “Android Device manager” for help. However, it has one big requirement: you must connect your phone with a Google account. This is what we call “how to find lost Android with Gmail”. Meanwhile, you need to allow Android Device Manager to locate your device before losing your device.

First, search Android Device Manager in Google. And then log in your Google account.


Then, you are able to quickly locate your registered Android phone from the search results, which will be displayed in a Google map. If you have several registered devices, choose the lost/stolen one to be shown.


Last, a button of “ring” will be on the map. You can click it to call your phone.


Note: If your Android phone is stolen by other malicious person, the guy may disconnect your device to Google account. Once it happened, no way is possible to get remote control or find back your phone.


Top 2: Timeline - Google Maps Location History

Unlike Android Device Manager, Timeline is supposed to track your tour sites and other travel routers. Even that, it’s still a great way for tracking a lost Android phone, even if your device is turned off. Also, it needs you to connect with your Google account. And it requires you to activate the “Location Reporting and Location History” when it’s in your hand.

First, go to your Timeline from Google. Remember to log in your Google account. Make sure you have selected the current day in the calendar.


Then, you can see a list of locations on a map. Try to detect the most possible location it is in.


Top 3: Use App to Find Lost Android Phone

Both of the method 1 and 2 are solved by This type of tracking apps are developed by those experienced companies. Most of them are free on Google play store. Here you can have a try of “Find My Lost Phone” or “Wheres My Droid”. Both of them are utilizing GPS-technology to minimize battery usage while you locate your stolen phone. And you can also make it ring or vibrate when you find it. At the same time, you can delete your messages and personal data and files in case it has been in someone malicious.


Important: Your Android device must have these apps installed prior to going missing. If you haven’t installed them before, just skip this method.


Top 4: Special “Find My Mobile” Only for Samsung Device

This method can only be used for Samsung devices. It’s similar as Android Device Manager. Find My Mobile is developed by Samsung. If you need to use it, you must register a Samsung account before you lost the device.

First, go to the website of Find my mobile. Sign in with your Samsung account.


Then, select “locate my device” in the sidebar and click on the locate button.


Here, if your device is online or remote control enabled, you can see the approximate location.


Thus, you are able to lock your device, make it ring or wipe out the data.


An Android device can be very convenient and essential in our daily life. Also make sure you can take good care of your possession. If you never lose your device before, you’d better check the security option in your device right now. Moreover, move to know more infos about Android tips if you need.

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