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How to Flash A Custom Kernel on Rooted Android
2016-05-19 10:57:07 Posted by Daphne Lau

How to flash a custom kernel on Galaxy S3?

How to flash a custom kernel on Nexus 5?


Why Should You Flash A Custom Kernel

A big benefit of rooting your Android device is to flash a custom Kernel, it can help improve the battery life and Android performance.

What is a kernel? A kernel is the bridge between the operating system and the hardware. To be more specific, a kernel helps your applications communicate with your hardware. It’s the core of the operating system that handles requests to and from your hardware. All that makes your Android to be able to run. The kernel is extremely customizable.

What can a custom kernel do for you? A custom kernel on Android can help improve the performance of your Android device in several aspects. The benefits of a custome kernel are :

A. A wide range of hardware support compared with generic kernel;

B. Lower memory usage than generic kernel. A custom kernel is useful on a system with a small amount of RAM;

C. Faster boot time;


So how to flash a custom kernel on Android? We will explain specificly in the next part. But before doing this procedure, root your Android device at first.


How to Flash A Custom Kernel on Android

First you have to decide to choose which custom kernel you need. You can easily find the guide of how to flash a custom kernel using flashtool or odin. There is no obvious difference on the steps. Just do as the instruction shows. Here we will take the example of flashing custom kernel with flashtool.

Step 1: Download the custom kernel zip file you want. Here we choose to download the flashtool zip file from its website.


Step 2: Enable USB Debugging mode on your device. And connect the phone to your Windows PC.


Step 3: Open flashtool and click “flash” button on the interface.


Step 4: Here there are 2 options for you to choose. Choose “Fastboot Mode”.


Step 5: Click “Reboot into fastboot mode (via ADB)”, and wait until it’s done.


Step 6: Click on “Select kernel to flash”, choose the kernel file, and here wait for its done.


Step 7: Click on “Reboot device into system”. Your device will reboot at this step.


Step 8: Done!


This is all for how to flash a custom kernel on your Android phone or tablet. If you need to know about improving your Android device, read more on our knowledge tips.

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