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How to Flash A Custom ROM to Your Android Phone or Tablet
2015-10-27 22:14:06 Posted by Lexie Smith

Sick of your current Android operating system and want to install a new one, or just want to update to a new Android OS which your OEM didn’t offer yet? Thus, you probably need to install a new version of Android (or ROM) on your Android device for a better experience.


What is ROM?

ROM is short for Read-Only Memory. It has different versions just like Windows operating system does, no matter it is stock ROMs from Google or other manufacturers, or custom ROM from third party. And a new custom ROM can bring you the latest version of Android before your manufacturer. Or it can take your existing version and just beef it up with awesome new features. Anyway, flashing a new ROM is just like installing a new operating system to your Android.

As suggested, flashing a custom ROM is the most important reason for a lot for users to root the Android device.


How to Flash A Custom ROM to Your Android Device

Step 1: Enter Android System Recovery, then choose the option: “Flash zip from sdcard”.


Step 2: All of the zip files in the SD card are all listed. Find the file named “”. We name it “update” so as to find the ROM file easier. Find the ROM you placed in the sdcard and click to confirm.


Step 3: Choose the ROM you need to be flashed and you’ll see the following window. Click the “Home” button.


Step 4: Don’t press any key, otherwise the process will abort.


Step 5: When “Install from sdcard complete” appear in the bottom of the screen, the flash completes.


Step 6: After finishing, you’d better reset your Android phone.


Step 7: After you choose “Wipe”, you will see the following interface. Click the 5 options below and there will be a pop-up window to give you tips. Press the "Home" button and begin to wipe.


Step 8: Finally, choose the first option of the recovery menu “Reboot system now” to restart your Android phone. And the flash completes.


Done. That’s all for the tutorial of how to flash a custom ROM on your Android device. If you need other Android tips, please tell us your thought.

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