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Top 6 Tips to Improve Android Battery Life
2015-11-17 02:51:11 Posted by Amy Lecter

You might be annoyed that your Android battery life drains so quickly, just after playing games, watching videos, and idling on Facebook or Twitter. And Google has noticed this problem already. In the latest Android 6.0, the new feature of Doze is focused on improving battery life. Doze uses your phone’s accelerometer to identify when your phone is at rest. However, it’s never being enough for prolonged battery life on Android device. So how about other possible ways to improve smartphone battery life? This article is trying to introduce top 6 tips on how to get better battery life on Android.


Trim apps running in the background

You can turn off the running apps in Settings. Open Settings, then Apps, swipe to the left. Here you can see a list of apps that are running. You can stop those you don’t need running int e background. Some preinstalled apps can ruin your battery life by running again and again... It’s so hard to kill them all. However, it will be easy for those rooted Android to remove the annoying preinstalled apps. If you need to root your Android device, click here to see the solution.


Update your apps

Some apps will update automatically when it has the latest version. Every time it updates, your Android’s temperature gets higher. This process will drain the battery very soon. Try to update the apps manually. Or you can check for app updates in Google play by hitting the menu key and going to My Apps.


Dim screen brightness

You may like your Android phone’s screen in a large colorful display. However, it’s the big killer of your battery life. So to longer the battery’s usage, you can turn on the auto-brightness mode on your phone. Or you can manually dim the brightness on your screen. The dim screen can also protect your eyes from the harmful blue light.


Turn off Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi function can be a big battery drainer. Try to turn off the Wi-Fi radio if you don’t use the data service. If you are sure you need the data service, then open it. As you know, the Wi-Fi network connection will bring many service for you, for example, turning on and getting update from Facebook in background; or other apps will run automatically.


Turn off non-essential notifications

At the time you install some apps on your Android phone, you might set to turn on the responsive notification. However, it will be big trouble. Those push notification will light up your screen and display a message, make your LED blink. So make sure you have turned off those non-essential notifications on your Android device. This can be helpful for reducing the battery usage.


Turn on power-saving mode

Unlike iOS device, Android devices have the feature of power-saving mode which is provided by the manufacturers. This little trick can help to reduce battery usage on Android device. It might prevent apps from updating in the background, dim your screen, reduce the screen timeout setting, disable on-screen animations, and turn off vibration. And also, it often turns on when your battery drops to 20%. Of course, you can set the percentage into 30%.


Besides, I want to emphasize one point: take care of your Facebook if you have. Like most users who uninstalled Facebook from their device, the biggest reason is that Facebook ruins the smartphone battery life very easily.


Have done all of these tips already? Congratulations! You have be a master on how to save battery life on Android.

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