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How to Install Pokemon Go on Windows PC with Bluestack
2016-07-20 11:24:06 Posted by Amy Lecter

We can see from any other sites like Reddit and Twitter, a lot of people are crazy about the new mobile game - Pokemon Go. If you never played it before, you might never figure out what happened when hundreds of people were gathering together at Central Park in New York City. 


Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic, which can be played on iOS and Android based devices. It can be a great success after it has been released. So other people may ask if there is any chance to install and play it on Windows PC. Yes. Luckily, the answer is YES with the Android emulator - Bluestack. Using Bluestack installed on Windows PC, you can catch Pokemon around the world without leaving your desk.


However, the guide is not that simple. You have to root Bluestack at first so that you can install Pokemon Go on this virtual Android device and fake your GPS location. See the detailed instruction of how to install Pokemon Go on Windows PC with Bluestack.

Note: This tutorial is provided by a user from YouTube. Just list the step by step guide here to make the process simple.


Requisition for Installing & Playing Pokemon Go on Windows PC

There are some tools you will need in the whole process. Just get them well prepared:

  • A workable Windows PC and the admin right to install tools;
  • BlueStack. You can use Bluestack for Windows 7/8/10;
  • A full guide to root Bluestack;
  • Lucky Patcher to modify app permission and break the limits;
  • Fake GPS 4.6 to spoof your location;
  • Pokemon Go download file;

Guide on How to Install Pokemon Go on Windows PC with Bluestack

And then follow the steps below to install Pokemon Go on your Windows computer:

1. Install Bluestack. Get to download it from its website.

2. Here root this Bluestack on your Windows computer. Get the full Bluestack rooting guide here.


3. Restart Bluestack after rooting by right clicking cog wheel.


4. Download and install Lucky Patcher. Click APK on the lefthand side of Bluestack window, select the Lucky Patcher file on your computer.


5. Set to Install as a System App inside Lucky Patcher. Open Lucky Patcher, go to “Rebuilt & install” in the bottom right, head to sdcard -> Windows -> BstSharedFolder. Choose to click “APK file for FakeGPS” and “Install as a system App”. Click “Yes” to confirm.


6. Install Pokemon Go by installing the apk file you downloaded from Google store. But it’s not working yet now. 


7. Disable the location service in Windows 7/8/10 since it will mess up with Bluestack. Then, here set up Fake GPS.


8. Click “Search” on the bottom. Select “Filters” in the top right, check “System Apps”, and click “Apply”. Here a how to operate window will pop up. Learn it.

9. Go to “Settings” to check “Expert Mode”.


10. Set a place to play your Pokemon Go. You can spoof from anywhere, ex., Central Park NYC.


11. Here open Pokemon Go. Make sure you have logged in with your Google account.


Now, you have successfully learned how to install and play Pokemon Go on Windows PC with Bluestack. If you have any problem with playing this mobile game, do a complete uninstall and install again.

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