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How to Recover Lost Or Deleted Android Phone Contacts, Pictures, Videos
2016-04-08 16:32:03 Posted by Fish Lee

"How to recover lost contacts on Android phone?"


Nowadays nearly everyone regards smartphone as life necessities, truly mobile phones especially the Android phone have played an important role in our daily life and they have helped us restore our unforgettable memories and share the happiness with others. They can store much private and important data such as pictures, music, diary, and application records and so on. Once these data deleted accidentally, a lot of troubles and unpleasant moods will appear together. So one good remedy on how to recover lost data/contacts on android phone has been extremely important at this time.


Here are some easy ways which can fix your issue under different situations: recovering from your backup and using top Android app to recover lost data free. But there is one important thing you should notice. Make sure you have stopped what you are doing and turn off your network connection so that no automatic updates occur before you've had a chance to restore lost Android data.


1. Recover Deleted Android File from Your Backup

This method is perfect for those who have backed up the Android data and files before losing or deleting. If you have backed up your file on PC or some clouds, then you are lucky since it can recover lost data android free. Just do as following:

Step 1: Open Backup and Restore by clicking the Start button .


Step 2: Click "Control Panel" -> "System and Maintenance", and then click "Backup and Restore".


Steps 3: Click "Restore my files:, and then follow the steps in the wizard.


2. Restore Lost Android Data Using Undeleter

If method 1 isn’t suitable for you to recover lost Android data, it’s better for you to use popular app: Undeleter.

As a simple tool which needn't PC, Undeleter can recover Android lost data by one click. What’s more, it can quickly and easily recover deleted files from memory cards and internal storage and without restoring from backup.


Note: Undeleter will ask for your root permission on your Android device. If you haven’t rooted before, check this simple and safe rooting guide for help.


After having preparations for recovering, let's move to the instruction on how to recover deleted Android files using Undeleter:

Step 1: Download and install Undeleter on your device. Simply launch it right now.


Step 2: Tap “Open” and allow the root permission for Undeleter.


Step 3: Select the storage in your device and scan the selected device.


Step 4: After a while, all types of files can be shown in your phone. Choose the ones you want to recover.


Step 5: You can review the recovered files and data in your device under the folder named Undeleter.


3. Find Lost/Deleted Android Contacts/Photos With DiskDigger For Android

Using the DiskDigger app for Android to recover lost data, you needn’t root your Android, but it is more likely to recover more photos and files if your device is rooted. After launching DiskDigger, it will display two options: "Basic scan" and "Full scan." The "full" scan functionality is available only on rooted devices, whereas the "basic" functionality is available regardless of whether your device is rooted.


Now taking the tutorial:


Step 1: Choosing a proper scan and scanning files for what you need.


Step 2: Pressing the "Options" button and press the checkbox next to "Minimum file size", and enter the minimum number of bytes below. You will filter the files you want.


Step 3 : Tapping the check mark next to the recoverable files you want to recover, then tapingp the "Recover" button in the top toolbar.



With so many ways on how to recover lost data from android mobile, although there are some tasks to do: root Android, choose a proper recovery tool, recover deleted data. I believe it's not a big problem for you to recover lost android photos, contacts, videos and so on.

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