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Top Ways to Reduce Blue Light on Android Phone And Tablet
2016-07-06 12:04:42 Posted by Amy Lecter

“How to reduce blue light on Android phone? My eyes can be easily sore after long time use of my smartphone.”


Why we focus on blue light only? Blue light is the strongest part of sunlight, which is good for our human body and brain reaction at daytime, and bad for human being and biological clock at nighttime. The straightforward hazardous effect is the eye strain. Apart from this aspect, It can negatively affect health by suppressing melatonin production, which directly makes sleep disorder. Worse still, it may contribute to the causation of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.


As we are in the surrounding of full technology, we keep on spending couple of hours on computer and other digital devices. Computer eye problem like eye fatigue, computer vision syndrome has big relationship with blue light which has been emitted from those digital devices (TV, computer display, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Kindle, etc). This article attempts to introduce the useful ways like blue light blocking apps to reduce blue light on Android devices. Some of them can be used on other kinds of devices as well.


Top 1: Use F.lux

F.lux is popular for its blue light blocking functions on Windows and Mac computer. After setting your location, it can adjust your lighting for day and night automatically, which can make the screen color similar to your surroundings. Luckily, it can be installed on your rooted Android devices several months ago. If you haven’ rooted your Android devices, refer to the rooting guide.


Top 2: Blue Light Filter App

Just turn on this Blue Light Filter for Android, it can protect your eyes from blue light and strain effectively. After you choosing the “Filter color” and the blue light filter rate on the interface, it can protect your eyes immediately. Additionally, this screen protector can display the natural color so you can read anything on your device very comfortably and clearly. Just remember one thing: if you need to install third party app on your Android device, turn off it first. Moreover, it needs no root permission. 


Top 3: Twilight

How Twilight works to block the blue light and reduce eye strain on your Android device? Just like F.lux, it can automatically adjust to the time of day in your surroundings. Tap on the color temperature, intensity and screen dim in Twilight. Yeah, you can learn in the below picture. And then, turn on Twilight at your desiring time. As the same as Blue Light Filter App, it doesn’t need root permission on your phone or tablet.

Sum up, all of these 3 ways have strong ability to block 20% to 35% of blue light on your Android phone or tablet. If you need to get a comprehensive way to block blue light on other devices or even watching TV and driving, you can try to choose a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

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