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How to Install Pokemon Go on Windows PC with Bluestack
Pokemon Go makes you crazy among mobile games. How to install and play Pokemon Go on Windows PC? Read this article and learn the how-to with Bluestack. [learn more]
Top Ways to Reduce Blue Light on Android Phone And Tablet
Addicted to your Android phone and spending couple of hours on playing with it every day? Try to block the blue light emitted from the Android device and reduce eye strain. [learn more]
How to Clean Up and Speed Up Android Phone And Tablet
Need to clean up your Android device’s storage and improve the performance? That’s easy. Just get the how-to in this article. [learn more]
How to Flash A Custom Kernel on Rooted Android
This article is focused on introducing how to flash a custom kernel on any Android device. Read it now. [learn more]
How to Recover Lost Or Deleted Android Phone Contacts, Pictures, Videos
How to recover lost files, photos, contacts and videos? This article introduced some easy ways of recovering lost Android data. [learn more]
Top 4 Methods to Find Lost/Stolen Android Phone Easily
Unfortunately lost your Android phone and worried about the data in it? Calm down. Get the top 4 ways to find your lost/stolen Android phone. [learn more]
How to Remove Preinstalled Apps on Any Android
Sick of the preinstalled apps on your Android phone? Get in and ready to remove these annoying apps which will take too many space on your device. [learn more]
Top 10 Free Android Apps
Get a new Android phone and want to decorate it? Read this article to get the top free Android apps now. [learn more]
Easy Way to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei Ascend Mate 2
Need to unlock bootloader on your Huawei Ascend Mate 2 first? Here you can get the detailed steps in this article. After unlocking, you can root your phone in an easy way. [learn more]
Top 6 Tips to Improve Android Battery Life
How to save battery life on Android device? Try these tips to reduce battery usage on your Android device. [learn more]

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