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Top 10 Free Android Apps
2015-12-29 02:54:22 Posted by Daphne Lau

“How to get free Android apps on a new Android phone?”

After receiving a new smartphone, you must be looking for brilliant apps to install on it. Then, Google play store is the wonderland for you. It has the best selection of free options around, no matter what kind of apps (games, music player, photo editor, file manager, useful tools, etc). This article will introduce top 10 free Android apps for you. And you can get free Android apps download in Google play store.


WP Launcher

WP Launcher (launcher 8 WP style) was designed to make your Android interface look like a Windows phone with all the features of WP. A lot of Android users may enjoy the Windows phone style interface very much. However, for the bloody price and other aspects, they don’t want to choose a real Windows Phone. Thus, WP Launcher came to solve this problem. It’s the best choice for you to get balanced. You can easily enjoy the WP style on your Android phone. Within it, you can customize your Android phone freely.


Weather & Clock Widget

Weather & Clock Widget must be one of the most practical app in our daily life. It can automatically detect where you are and give the current weather report. It provides the current temperature, current weather condition, humidity, pressure, visibility, precipitation, UV Index, dew point wind speed and direction, in addition, five, ten days and hourly weather forecast. And it supports Android Wear. It may not be the most famous weather and clock widget app, but it’s a good free alternative.



Wikipedia is definitely the best place to get the fair and official understanding of what you want to know. And it also updated its interface, which allows users to browse clearly. In addition to the clean and easy to read design that brings high quality images to the fore, the redesigned Wikipedia app features extras such as tabbed browsing, article search, link previews, suggested articles, and the ability to save entries for offline reading.



VLC for Android

During our daily life, you must wonder how to find the best all-in-one media player. Here introduces the big one for you - VLC for Android. It can easily play any file format out of the box. In addition to playing local files, VLC for Android also supports network streaming and media library organization. Yes! It’s also the big video converter. I can convert whichever of your videos to other formats in mp3, mp4, mkv, flac, wmv, mov, vob, hd, dvd-video, m4v, etc.


Angry Birds 2

From Google Play store’s app ranking in 2015, we can know Angry Birds 2 got the top rank among games. The new game changes up the formula by allowing players to choose which bird to use for each shot, allowing for more varied strategies. In addition, Angry Birds 2 features new spells and special abilities, multi-stage levels, and boss battles to mix things up. On the F2P end of things, the game uses a system of lives (recharging every 30 minutes), and a premium currency, gems, which can be earned through daily quests and actions or bought with real money.



Music is the most joyful part of our life. A powerful streaming music app must be useful and valuable. One Locker is quite loved by those who want to protect their smartphone from prying eyes. It can encrypt any of your apps and games. You can hide your privacy photos and videos with Photo Vault and Video Vault. No one can peep without your password. Also, the advanced protection can prevent One Locker app from being uninstalled by other malicious people.


Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

In the digital era, people spend a lot of time on smartphone, and the blue light emitted from the digital screen can easily hurt our eyes and visual health. Worse still, blue light can wreak our sleep by disrupting the sleep/wake cycle and reduce the melatonin production. This warm blue light filter for eye care can help a lot for healthy eyes by changing the screen colors to reduce the effects of blue light and relax your eyes. Just download this app on your smartphone, it will launch and start working automatically. There are also other blue light filter apps for sleeping.



Evernote is one of the best modern tool for workspace. By developing an account, you can note whatever you want in it. You are able to organize web articles, docs, and photos. Also, you can discuss your work with others, right in the app. Like a old saying goes: writing down has the better memory than your brain, especially when you have the sudden inspiration and you need to record it. Moreover, you can sync between all of your devices.


Camera MX

Camera MX offers the free and amazing point and shoot function that comes with some extra features, special effects and editing tools. Besides the ordinary camera and photo taking feature on your Android operating system, Camera MX is the colorful and interesting app you will like. A plenty of photo effects are allowed for you to apply. Moreover, superior photo quality is provided. The “Shot The Past” mode allows you to easily capture difficult-to-photograph moments of moving motives.


What are your favorites on Android devices? Now you can decide to download and use whatever you want. Remember that some amazing apps like Titanium Backup and Greenify need the root permission on your phone. So try to safely root your Android device first. Also refer to the Top 11 Apps for Rooted Android.

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